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Responsible. Green. Safe.

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About Lawrence

Hello there, Welcome to the sharing of my humble fishing experience with like-minded anglers who enjoy this same passion as part of their journey in LIFE. And thru Sharing…I believe we can then Improve! A Win-Win for You & Me! I must emphasize all information shared in this blog I created is just my personal Read more about About Lawrence[…]


Responsible. Green. Safe.

Hi there, Many will ask what my very first post on being Responsible & Green got to do with Sharing my Experience…to Improve my Fishing. Reason being I would wish everyone will start on the RIGHT footing for a newbie or to RETHINK what we’ve been doing for the intermediate/experienced angler. We need to conserve Read more about Responsible. Green. Safe.[…]

Mindset for fishing

Correct Mindset for Fishing

Without proper guidance, I jumped straight into the bolts & nuts of fishing when young with just the thought of landing my prized catch. But along the years, I realize it’s not just about the size & qty of your catch that matter. There are a lot more to this passion which I personally believe Read more about Correct Mindset for Fishing[…]

Fishing Rod Basics

This is some basic fishing tackle information I’ve gathered along the way in amassing my collection of rods & reels which some are my first go-to choices while some I admit are compulsive buys. Nevertheless these pointers are good reference for the first-timers as well as those, like me, going for the next buy. Information Read more about Fishing Rod Basics[…]

Saltiga 5500H

Spinning Reel Basics

Though a spinning reel is much more complicated compared to a rod with more moving mechanical parts, spinning reel basics for an angler to choose from are simpler…so less headache. Following are what I’ve learned over the years which you can refer to when buying your 1st reel with much excitement or your next adding Read more about Spinning Reel Basics[…]

How to Match Rod and Reel?

After knowing the basics, I can now share tips on How to Match Rod and Reel? Budget is one factor you have to consider & do not blindly follow the crowd for the most expensive option out in the market which may be over hyped driving up demand resulting in high prices. I always believe Read more about How to Match Rod and Reel?[…]

Fishing Braided Lines

After settling your rod & reel, it’s time to load some braided lines onto your reel to go fishing! I’ll be sharing info on braided lines only as I’ve never looked back after switching from monofilament to braid many years ago. I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my personal opinion & Read more about Fishing Braided Lines[…]

Fishing Leader Basics

After PE line is loaded onto the reel, next comes tying on the Fishing Leader which is a must-have for all fishing application. I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my personal opinion & experience which some may beg to differ 🙂 If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them Read more about Fishing Leader Basics[…]

Barrel Swivel and Split Ring

After your leader, you need to tie on your barrel swivel and split ring before attaching your lure. I know some anglers tie their lure directly to the leader to have a more natural look. My advice is to use a barrel swivel & split ring for the following reasons: I emphasize all information shared Read more about Barrel Swivel and Split Ring[…]