Aji and Light Finesse

In this category Techniques & Lures I’ll be sharing my preferred techniques & recommended lures which I find effective in the various forms of fishing I’m currently doing namely

  • Aji and Light Finesse
  • Luring Freshwater
  • Luring Shore
  • Jigging Vertical
  • Jigging Slow
  • Popping.

So let’s start with Aji and Light Finesse form of fishing which has been gaining popularity in the recent years. It’s a very interesting form of fishing to fall back on when you get physically tired from jigging or popping. Though target species are much smaller, including some bait fish, it can still provide much adrenalin rushes as it’s done on very light tackle & lines.

I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my personal opinion & experience which some may beg to differ 🙂 If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them at the end of this post.


  • For rod, reel & braided line recommended for aji and light finesse fishing, please refer to earlier post How to Match Rod and Reel? which similarly covers the 6 above-mentioned forms of fishing.
  • For leader, I’m using Unitika Silver Thread FC 16lb ( eBay ) which is suitable for light finesse form of fishing. What I also like is the small round handy plastic disk it comes in.
  • Targets are mid-column species feeding on small fish, squids & crustaceans in the drift. Thus they can see very well what’s coming towards them in the drift & as such FC leader is preferred. Refer to post on Fishing Leader if more details are needed.


My favorite 3 small soft rubber when ajing are:

  • For those which call for soft rubber to be hooked in certain position for proper swim presentation, do be aware of its orientation to the jig head.
My 3 favorite soft rubber
Favorite 3 soft rubber
Rigged & ready...
Rigged & ready…
  • I’ve also come across 3 other brands of aji soft rubber that look promising which I’ll be testing them out in future trips.
Magbite worm 2"
Magbite worm 2″
Shimano Soare 2.4"
Shimano Soare 2.4″

Target Species

In Singapore local water, ajing will usually land us the following common target species which give great fight on finesse light tackle.

Hardtail scad aka cincaru
Hardtail scad aka cincaru
Longfin trevally aka sagai
Longfin trevally aka sagai
Indian threadfin aka chermin
Indian threadfin aka chermin


  • Remember ajing is a very light form of fishing so go as light as you can manage in terms of tackle, braided line & leader. Soft plastic & jig head used are very light which need thin braided line & leader in order for them to sink fast.
  • Set your drag right as it shouldn’t be too tight (may lead to line breakage, bent hook or hook tear) or too loose (poor hookset ending up with a wild runaway). And learn not to get too excited setting your hook too hard as you’re fishing very light.
  • Choose a jig head suitable for the drift at your spot which is neither too light or too heavy. Cast out your aji soft plastic into the drift & count to 10secs before engaging your reel. Twitch slowly backwards & then bring rod forward again to repeat twitching. Cycle twitching 5 times before releasing line to another 10secs count. Repeat twitching cycles 5 times before releasing line to another 10secs count which probably jig may just be above seabed by the 3rd 10secs count.
  • If still no take, reverse the direction by bringing lure back up water column & repeat twitching cycles 5 times before moving lure up water column again till lure is fully retrieved. Cast out again to repeat full process again.
  • Purpose of above process is for you to explore the top, mid & lower water column to seek out where the fish are biting. Once you get a hit, take note of water column where it happened ie. top-1st 10secs count, mid-2nd 10secs count or lower-3rd 10secs count. You should then know at what depth to next drop your lure to. If bite slows repeat exploring process again to seek out where the fish are as they move up & down water column constantly chasing after their prey.
  • If you hit bottom very early or fast, that means you need to change to a lighter jig head. On the other hand if you cannot reach bottom or cannot feel anything at all, change to a heavier jig head.
  • When the fish hits on your soft lure, all hell will break loose with a screaming reel on your hand. Enjoy the fight…….

All the best,

PS: Please leave a comment if any information in this site is inaccurate or incorrect…I’m learning too 🙂

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