Big Fish with SPF

Fishing Apparels

Beside having the right fishing tackles for your target species an angler has to be suitably & comfortably attired to last a whole day under the sun protecting oneself against the natural elements. In this post I’ll provide highlights on apparels which I find suitable for outdoor fishing protecting you from head to toes. I Read more about Fishing Apparels[…]

Tackle Review – Daiwa Luvias

After reviewing the Daiwa Saltiga which is used mainly for heavy jigging & popping I would like to do a Tackle Review on the Daiwa Luvias which I find very suitable for light jigging & popping. In the Daiwa spinning range I see the Saltiga ranked no. 1 along with its price being the highest. Read more about Tackle Review – Daiwa Luvias[…]

Tackle Review – Daiwa Saltiga

Some will ask…why only Daiwa? It’s the one brand I’ve used over the years with full confidence that has never let me down. In fact I started with competitor brands & ended up with only Daiwa which meet all my expectation while other brands fail in some sectors. I started off like most of you Read more about Tackle Review – Daiwa Saltiga[…]

loaded rod with a good bend

Techniques In Fighting A Fish

How an angler overcome a fish & eventually land it safely depends a lot on experience accumulated over the years as each fight differs from the next. One never can apply the Techniques In Fighting A Fish after a lesson or just by talking to another person because everything you’ve heard from others will disappear Read more about Techniques In Fighting A Fish[…]

Basic Fishing Knots

Beside the FG knot I came to realize through the years all I actually need is 3 Basic Fishing Knots to cover the 6 forms of fishing I’m practicing. Freshwater Aji/finesse Luring Shore Jigging Vertical Jigging Slow Popping The 3 basic fishing knots are: Spool knot – this knot is needed to secure braided line Read more about Basic Fishing Knots[…]


In this post I’ll share what I’ve learned about Popping which I have been doing in Maldives & Christmas Island using stickbaits & poppers. Target species are the mighty Giant Trevally (GT), blue-fin trevally, red bass, grouper, etc in the shallow near the drop-off. I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my Read more about Popping[…]

Jigging Vertical

In this post I’ll be sharing on Vertical Jigging in shallow as well as deeper water which techniques & lures (ie. jigs) used are slightly different. Vertical Jigging is also called by some as Speed Jigging or High Pitch Jigging where the jig is made to move at medium to high speed up water column Read more about Jigging Vertical[…]