Correct Mindset for Fishing

Without proper guidance, I jumped straight into the bolts & nuts of fishing when young with just the thought of landing my prized catch. But along the years, I realize it’s not just about the size & qty of your catch that matter. There are a lot more to this passion which I personally believe one should be aware of so that you can encompass & enjoy the many facets of this great past time.

Thus having the Correct Mindset…for Fishing from the beginning is key to really taste the true meaning of this great past time. It’s easy to jump into the physical part of it…it’s the psychological part that will take time to nurture.

I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my personal opinion & experience which some may beg to differ 🙂 If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them at the end of this post.

Not just the Size & Qty

Your catch, if any at the end of day, is just the by-product…as they say you need to smell the flowers along the way!

It’s about the time spent with family, loved ones or your regular buddies…the companionship, conversation, teasing, jokes, food, etc that will give you as much joy as the fishing itself.

And it’s also the opportunity for one to get close to nature…to immerse yourself in the environment. Imagine the fresh air you breathe in at dawn first light & the peace & tranquility surrounding you & your buddies…a perfect combination to unwind your mind & body in preparation for the coming work week.

fishing with loved ones
Fishing with loved ones
getting close to nature
Getting close to nature

There’s Always a Next Trip

  • Don’t feel disappointed if you’re empty-handed at the end of trip. It’s exactly this reason that motivate you for the next trip…a return match with your adversary!
  • Take it as quality time spent with loved ones & be with nature.

Keep your Mind Alert

Be alert when there is a HOT BITE or if the fish is not biting at all…so you can repeat what are working & improve on what are not.

  • Which month or season?
  • What time of the day?
  • What is the tide…high, low, rising or receding?
  • Moon phase…new, full or partial?
  • Water condition…clear or cloudy? Warm or cold?
  • Weather…is it hot, cloudy, windy or raining?
  • Surface activity...any bait fish, any fish feeding on them?
  • Which lure or jig is effective during the hot bite…which are effective & which are not?
  • Effective lure…color, size, depth & retrieval method?
moon phases have strong influence on fishing
Moon phases have strong influence on fishing

Follow the Leader

  • Take note of what your buddies are doing especially the one who is having the most bites.
  • What lures is he using? Brand, color, size?
  • How is he presenting or working the lure?
  • Or could it be he’s using fluorocarbon leader but you’re not?
  • Just copy…if you want to get into the hot bite ASAP…as it will not be there for long!

Trip Review

  • Review each & every trip at the end of it…note what is working & what is not.
  • Go thru the trip mentally
review every trip
Review every trip
  • To highlight the successes…how to repeat them in your next trip? Is it a matter of being there on the right day, right moon phase, at the right time, right tide, right place, etc?
  • and the failures…where & how to improve, do I need to change my presentation or technique, or try another lure?
  • Remember you won’t be empty-handed every trip…& you won’t be first on the leader board all the time. I realize both this position will rotate amongst your peers…so don’t give up but keep learning & improving & savour it while it last if you’re on the leader board.

Go Prepare the Next Trip

  • While the excitement is still there after the recent trip, go prepare the next trip after knowing what to do after the Trip Review.
  • Set up your tackle right, load in fresh lines, re-tie those knots, etc in advance.
  • Go buy the needed lures if a change is needed or you need to replenish lost ones…as it may go out of stock when you need them. This had happened to me many times…so I will act on it in advance in anticipation for the next challenge.
one of my favourites...Duo Realis Jerkbait 110 floating...ghost minnow
One of my favourites…Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP…suspending

Go Fishing!

All the best,

PS: Please leave a comment if any information in this site is inaccurate or incorrect…I’m learning too 🙂

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