Luring Freshwater

Next I’ll be sharing on Luring Freshwater which is mainly targeting fish from the peacock bass & snakehead family in our local freshwater bodies.

I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my personal opinion & experience which some may beg to differ 🙂 If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them at the end of this post.


  • For rod, reel & braided line recommended for Luring Freshwater, please refer to earlier post How to Match Rod and Reel? which covers the 6 forms of fishing practised.
  • For leader, I’m using 2 types…nylon monofilament & fluorocarbon FC depending on water visibility.
  • Sunline Saltwater Special Nylon ( eBay ) 30 & 50lb (when water is cloudy ie. visibility low)
    • Advantage of this brand is its diameter is smaller than other brands in the same poundage. This means a 50lb Sunline can cast as far as a 40lb of other brand.
    • By buying just 30 & 50lb they cover my needs for a leader from 20-50lb.
    • As nylon is softer than FC, Sunline is used when distance is required in certain situation.
    • Comes in 50m per retail plastic spool.
  • Unitika Silver Thread ( eBay ) 30, 40 & 50lb (when water is clear ie. visibility high)
    • Advantage of this brand is its hardness is lower about 2/3 of 100% full FC leader enabling FG knot wrapping to bite more securely into it giving the angler a bigger window of error of a poorly tied knot. You should have heard of cases where even properly tied knot can slip on the hard surface of a 100% full FC leader.
    • Though its hardness is lower than full FC it’s still higher than that of nylon monofilament leader & providing the same refractive index in water as other full FC leader.
    • Comes in 100m per retail plastic spool giving good value for money.

Lures – peacock bass family

  • Duo Realis Jerkbait – suspending SP – 100, 110 & 120mm
  • Favourite colors – Ghost Minnow, & any colors with reflective body
  • Choose jerkbait according to the size of species you’re targeting & sometimes the diving depth in certain terrains.
  • Duel Aile Magnet ( eBay ) – floating F – 70, 90 & 105mm
  • Creates loud blooping sound on water surface when twitched lightly with some line slack. Add in some sharp jerks & pauses for it to re-float will surely entice any bass around to strike.
  • Go for bright yellow or fire orange. New range is released.
Jackall SK Pop
Jackall SK Pop – old design
  • Luckycraft Sammy ( eBay ) – floating – 65mm baby
  • Walk it at medium speed with enough line slack with some pauses will do the trick.

Target Species

Two introduced species have been recorded in Singapore – Cichla orinocensis & Cichla temensis. Both are much sought after by local anglers for their aggressive takes on lures as well as impressive initial runs. Most are released as they are not good table fish.

Cichla orinocensis
Cichla orinocensis
Cichla temensis
Cichla temensis


  • For the Duo Realis & Duel Aile Magnet jerkbaits, work them with sharp & fast twitching is the perfect recipe to entice peacock bass to strike.
  • For the suspending Duo SP series, after the 1st twitch jerkbait will suspend in mid-water motionless neither floating or sinking making it very life-like & will stay in your preferred kill zone. For such lures, I always like to add in pauses to mimic a lost & panicking prey.
  • Sit by the water edge quietly to observe how this fish chase their prey hard & fast all the way up the shallow edges. They simply love fast moving targets.

Lures – other species

For the snakehead family, my favorite lures are:

  • Luckycraft Sammy ( Amazon / eBay ) – floating walk-the-dog – 100, 115 & 128mm
  • Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper ( Amazon / eBay ) – floating – 153mm
  • Yo-zuri Hydro Tiger ( eBay ) – floating – 90mm
  • Yo-zuri Surface Cruiser ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct ) – floating – 153mm
  • Duel Aile Magnet ( eBay ) – floating F – 105mm (HGR – Fire Orange)
    • works on both snakehead & featherback

Target Species

Giant snakehead aka toman
Giant snakehead aka toman
Common snakehead
Common snakehead


  • For Sammy & Cotton Cordell on snakehead, walk it at medium speed with enough line slack adding some pauses if desired. Concept is to copy a creature eg. lizard, snake in zig-zagging across water surface. Ensure lure is alternating left & right to create the needed effect & not traveling in a straight line; line slack is thus important in this aspect.
  • For the Hydro Tiger similarly pop it along with medium speed as the snakehead is not well known for its speed. This popper can cast a mile. If needed, add on a propeller prop at the front of popper to create more turbulence & noise to attract them.
  • As for the Duel Aile Magnet floating jerkbait for snakehead & featherback, twitch it along at medium speed with some pauses in between. The HGR Fire Orange color works very well for me in freshwater on all species probably due to its high visibility in cloudy water with high algae count.
  • Look for rises or bubble trail when chasing after snakehead. Cast your lure in the near vicinity of the rises & the fish may strike if it sees your lure. Some may be parents guarding their frys; do release them to raise their young to ensure survival of next generation.

Parting Shot: In luring with artificials, remember to vary your choice of lures (swim style, size/weight, color), retrieval methods (slow, medium, fast, with or without twitching & pauses) & depths (top, mid or lower column) to find out what your targets prefer. You got to keep trying until you hit the Jackpot!

All the best,

PS: Please leave a comment if any information in this site is inaccurate or incorrect…I’m learning too 🙂

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