Other Fishing Accessories

These are some fishing accessories which I feel are needed to make your time spent on the water more enjoyable.

I emphasize all information shared in this blog is just my personal opinion & experience which some may beg to differ 🙂 If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them at the end of this post.

Fish Grip

A reliable fish grip is necessary to help land & handle your catch for a quick photo without injuring the fish before releasing safely back to the water. Damage can be caused to the jaws if other tools are used or the protective slime on body removed with excessive handling without a proper fish grip. In addition, a grip keeps your hands at a safe distance from hooks & sharp teeth.

  • The original BogaGrip ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct) from Eastaboga Tackle Manufacturing Company is recommended which is effective & reliable though it cost more than others. It has a built-in weighing scale to weight your prized catch too. Model 315 weighs up to 15lb, model 130 up to 30lb & model 260 up to 60lb.
  • I’ve seen imitation which dropped fish several times as it cannot gripped jaw securely. BogaGrip uses the weight of the fish to tighten & lock down on the jaw to prevent slippages.
  • Remember to grip on the lower jaw (not upper) & use other hand to support the fish up near its belly.

Boga Float

  • A Float for BogaGrip ( Amazon / eBay ) is definitely needed to protect your investment out in the water especially during the excitement of landing your catch.
  • Ensure float can support weight of your BogaGrip in water.

Cushion for Jigging Rod Handle

  • If you’re jigging long hours, you may feel some pain on your side rib cage due to the constant rubbing of the rear rod handle.
  • After my 1st trip to the Maldives, I managed to source a suitable Luna Sea rod cushion ( eBay ) for my rod rear handle. It definitely made my jigging more comfortable & enjoyable.


  • A waist gimbal is another necessity when chasing biggies in jigging or popping providing comfort & safety to the angler.
  • I’m still in the process of changing my old Braid gimbal which was bought many years ago for big game stand-up which has been obsoleted. Problem with this old design is there isn’t a stop in the butt holder to prevent rod handle from flicking upwards during a fight.
  • Still considering getting a new one from either Braid ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct ) or Swage. Check them out if you’re getting one too.
Old Braid design
Old Braid design

Measuring Tape

  • You DO NOT have to hurt the fish by weighing (eg. GT-giant trevally) if you want to record its weight. Buy a measuring tape ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct ) specially designed for this purpose to estimate its weight. This will reduce stress to the fish & quicken the release process.
  • Measure from tip of mouth to fork of tail…ensuring tape goes horizontally across instead of below belly or near dorsal fin.
correct tape position on GT
Correct…horizontal from mouth to tail fork
wrong...across belly
Wrong…across belly

This can only serve as an estimation for GT…as fish from different regions have different body structure eg. those from Maldives tend to be longer & more slender as compared to those from Christmas Island which are shorter but with a thicker & stout body likely due to their very choppy environment with strong current.

  • 80cm – 11kg
  • 90cm – 16kg
  • 100cm – 22kg
  • 110cm – 30kg
  • 120cm – 38kg

Spool Belt

  • A spool belt is useful in keeping your leader & line in place especially in preventing your leader from springing out of spool. Rubber band used commonly for this same purpose will usually deteriorate over time & get stuck on the leader.
  • Daiwa spool belt ( Amazon / eBay ) comes in 3 sizes…S, M & LL to fit all reel sizes from 1003 to 8000.

Pliers Split Ring

  • You can never leave home without one for your fishing trips. I split them broadly into 3 categories according to the split ring sizes they are designed for.
  • I noticed for Light & Medium rings the common designs of pliers will suffice but when it comes to heavy rings used in jigging & popping some designs sold wouldn’t work. Following are 3 designs used in my team that work. So don’t just go for the most expensive pliers out there but get a design that works.
Daiwa design
Daiwa design
Pro Hunter design...what I'm using...cheap & good
Pro Hunter design…what I’m using…cheap & good
Another design...
Another design…

Wire Cutter/Pliers

  • When dealing with wire leader or those new hybrid assist cord with wire intertwined with polymer strand you need a durable cutter ( eBay / Tackle Direct ) able to withstand these tough wires.

Scissors Braided Line

  • I used to use normal scissors, line clipper or even cutter to cut off those tough braided line. It’s not only difficult but will usually end up with trailing frays which need more effort to trim them off.
  • One of my buddies recommended a Daiwa scissors ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct ) designed for braided line which has serrated teeth that can do the job in single clean cut.
Daiwa scissors for braided line
Daiwa scissors for braided line

Line Clipper

  • A line clipper ( Amazon / eBay )is a good piece of accessory to have on you all the time when out fishing preferably tethered on a retractor which becomes within easy reach any moment.
  • It’s also for safety reason in case you need to immediately cut off any lines entangled to your hands or body especially with a struggling fish at the end.

Lighter for Leader

  • If you are those that like to burn off the end of your leader after the FG knot to prevent knot from slipping down, then this B line Cutter II ( eBay ) lighter is a good buy.
  • You can use a normal lighter but this dedicated fishing lighter has a metal shield with groove that exposes only the leader portion you want to burn off protecting rest of leader & braided line from excessive heat.

Ferrule Wax

  • If you ever experienced a stuck mid rod joint or butt joint which cannot be taken apart especially after a few days of fishing, then the specialized ferrule wax ( Amazon / eBay ) will come in handy.
  • After some prolonged period of fishing eg. on a charter where the rod joint is exposed to the elements including heat from the sun, saltwater, rainwater, etc. the mating male & female ferrules of a rod can get stuck together.
  • This Tiemco ferrule wax will provide a layer of lubrication between the ferrules preventing them from seizing. Remember a thin application will do before the trip & better still if you can apply another time mid way thru a long trip to avoid having to bring a one pc 8 footer home.

Protective Lubricant

  • A good lubricant is needed for not only in protecting & lubricating moving parts in your prized reels but also can be used on pliers, cutters, etc which can rust or corrode during storage
  • ReelX ( Amazon / eBay ) from CorrosionX is one brand that I’ve been confidently using all these years to protect my gears.

Jig Bag

  • A storage bag is useful in storing, protecting & arranging your jigs either at home or for a fishing trip in an orderly manner.
  • A water proof PVC bag ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct ) will make rinsing in freshwater after a trip much easier followed thereafter by drying.

Storage for Stickbait & Popper

  • One option is to use treble caps ( Amazon / eBay / Tackle Direct ) to cover all trebles before storage provided you do not mind lures scratching each other possibly damaging the paintwork during travelling.
  • I prefer to attach hooks to every lure before wrapping them individually in poly bag before storing them in shoe bag ( Amazon / eBay ). This way I can pack many lures in a single shoe bag & don’t have to end up with many pieces of treble caps.
Wrapped in poly bag with trebles
Wrapped in poly bag with trebles

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