Fishing Rod Basics

This is some basic fishing tackle information I’ve gathered along the way in amassing my collection of rods & reels which some are my first go-to choices while some I admit are compulsive buys. Nevertheless these pointers are good reference for the first-timers as well as those, like me, going for the next buy. Information Read more about Fishing Rod Basics[…]

Saltiga 5500H

Spinning Reel Basics

Though a spinning reel is much more complicated compared to a rod with more moving mechanical parts, spinning reel basics for an angler to choose from are simpler…so less headache. Following are what I’ve learned over the years which you can refer to when buying your 1st reel with much excitement or your next adding Read more about Spinning Reel Basics[…]

How to Match Rod and Reel?

After knowing the basics, I can now share tips on How to Match Rod and Reel? Budget is one factor you have to consider & do not blindly follow the crowd for the most expensive option out in the market which may be over hyped driving up demand resulting in high prices. I always believe Read more about How to Match Rod and Reel?[…]