Tackle Review – Daiwa Luvias

After reviewing the Daiwa Saltiga which is used mainly for heavy jigging & popping I would like to do a Tackle Review on the Daiwa Luvias which I find very suitable for light jigging & popping. In the Daiwa spinning range I see the Saltiga ranked no. 1 along with its price being the highest. Read more about Tackle Review – Daiwa Luvias[…]

Tackle Review – Daiwa Saltiga

Some will ask…why only Daiwa? It’s the one brand I’ve used over the years with full confidence that has never let me down. In fact I started with competitor brands & ended up with only Daiwa which meet all my expectation while other brands fail in some sectors. I started off like most of you Read more about Tackle Review – Daiwa Saltiga[…]

Saltiga 5500H

Spinning Reel Basics

Though a spinning reel is much more complicated compared to a rod with more moving mechanical parts, spinning reel basics for an angler to choose from are simpler…so less headache. Following are what I’ve learned over the years which you can refer to when buying your 1st reel with much excitement or your next adding Read more about Spinning Reel Basics[…]